RGB Light Tube

  • Various Installation Modes
  • 30 Dynamic and Vibrant Effects
  • Rechargeable and Use for 10 Hours
  • APP & Remote Control

Product Advantages of RGB Light Tube

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Convenient Wireless Control Method

This RGB light tube offers very convenient wireless control modes, including WIFI control and remote control, providing faster and more convenient ways to adjust the lighting effects. With these wireless control options, you can quickly and easily adjust the light tube’s effects to achieve the desired state.

Multiple Dynamic Effects

The RGB light tube comes with over 30 dynamic and colorful lighting effects, which can be easily activated by illuminating the RGB light tube, providing a bright and vibrant lighting experience and creating a more fun and lively atmosphere at the scene.

Vibrant RGB Tube Lights

It can display a variety of colors on the RGB light tube, providing you with a richer and more attractive visual experience, creating a dazzling array of lighting effects. The super durable light ensures an ultra-long service life of up to 20,000 hours.
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Rechargeable Built-in Battery Design

This rechargeable RGB light tube is even more convenient, with an extended battery life which maximum run time is up to 10 hours, providing the longest companionship for your activities.
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Various Installation Mode

Due to its wireless design, this RGB light tube offers possibilities for various types of installation methods, such as flat ground-standing, vertical hanging, side hanging installations.
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96PCS 5050 RGB 3in 1 LED



input voltage


Light source life

20,000 hours


0 ~ 30Hz


Built-in 30 dynamic effects

Maximum working

10 Hours

charging interval

5 Hours

battery capacity


video display



7CH /36CH /48CH

Signal connection

2 .4G Wireless connection, Mobile Phone APP, Wireless DMX,

Artnet.Remote control

work environment

-10° ~ 45°

product size



Net weight: 1.6 KG

levels of protection


Radiation system

natural heat dissipation


Aluminum alloy, matte black sand

way to install

Flat ground, vertical hanging, side hanging


Aluminum alloy aviation box

Packing      measurement

1195 * 600 * 255MM

Product Description of RGB Light Tube


Light Weight Design

The RGB light tube comes with over 30 dynamic and colorful lighting effects, which can be easily activated by illuminating the RGB light tube, providing a bright and vibrant lighting experience and creating a more fun and lively atmosphere at the scene.

Superior LEDs Quality

By selecting more durable light sources, it ensures a better lifespan, with up to 20,000 hours of usage. The durable quality reduces the costs of later replacements and maintenance.

Rechargeable Battery

This RGB light tube can be charged for 5 hours and used for 10 hours, providing an extended battery life to ensure sufficient power throughout the entire event. With low power consumption, it offers a more energy-efficient option, allowing for significant power savings.

Great Brightness

The high-quality lighting ensures overall amazing brightness. Its bright illumination not only provides well-lit spaces but also adds a dynamic atmosphere to the event with its diverse range of light colors.

Brilliant and Stunning Effects

This RGB light tube can achieve dynamic color mixing effects or solid color effects, creating eye-catching visual displays with vibrant dynamics, providing a more appealing visual experience.

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Convenient Control System

This RGB light tube offers a more convenient control system, featuring a super powerful control system that seamlessly integrates with the ARTENT control system. It allows for wireless remote control using a remote controller, enabling precise and fast switching of effects.

Moreover, it can be controlled through a mobile app by connecting to Wi-Fi, providing flexible control options.

Additionally, this product can be controlled via DMX, catering to various venue and event requirements, reducing limitations caused by different control methods based on the venue.

How to Install LED Tubes

This RGB light tube can be installed in three different modes: flat ground-standing, vertical hanging, and side hanging. These installation options can be adjusted according to the actual layout of the venue, providing you with more possibilities.

Moreover, the installation of the RGB light tube is straightforward due to its wireless design, which simplifies the complex installation process. You can easily complete the installation by following our instruction manual.

Application Fields

The RGB light tube is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings. Whether it’s in bars, nightclubs, banquet halls, hotel lobbies, and more, the installation of RGB light tubes can create dazzling light displays that quickly attract attention.

Similarly, in events such as weddings, concerts, DJ performances, and various lively parties like birthday or graduation parties, incorporating an RGB light tube can rapidly enhance the atmosphere and add a sense of fun, encouraging everyone to be more active and engaged in the event.

Packing of RGB Light Tubes

We provide aluminum alloy aviation boxes as packaging, which offer a sturdier packaging method to better protect the product, effectively preventing vibration, impact, and moisture, ensuring better protection during transportation. Moreover, this type of packaging also provides better storage space for the product, maintaining its integrity and quality.
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1.Can I control the colors, brightness and effects of RGB light tubes?

Certainly, you can use a mobile app to connect via Wi-Fi and control the light tube using remote control or DMX control methods, allowing you to switch colors brightness and effects. This control option enables you to conveniently adjust the lighting effects, meeting the requirements of different scenes and activities.

2.How long does the battery of a rechargeable RGB light tube last?

After charging for 5 hours, this light tube can be used for up to 10 hours, boasting an extended battery life that can meet the demands of various activities and scenarios.

3.Are RGB light tubes safe to use?

Yes, the design of this product ensures its safe usage, providing you with a more reassuring experience. To ensure safety during use, it is essential to follow some safety guidelines and instructions.

4.How can I maintain and clean the RGB light tube to ensure its longevity?

To better ensure the lifespan of RGB light tubes, timely maintenance is essential. Regularly clean the surface of the light tubes, to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Additionally, avoid using the light tubes in extreme weather conditions to prevent any potential damage.