Outdoor P8 LED Screen Wall

  • Lighter and Thinner
  • Unparalleled Visual Splendor
  • Smooth Imagery
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Robust Cabinet Design
  • Amazing High Brightness

What Is P8 LED Screen Wall?

The P8 LED Screen Wall is a high-definition display solution commonly used in outdoor settings that require engaging and bright visuals. The ‘P8’ refers to the pixel pitch, which is the distance from the center of one LED pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel, indicating that the pixel pitch is 8mm. TOP DANCE’s P8 Outdoor LED Screen Wall stands as a paragon of innovation and quality, delivering unmatched visual performance and reliability.

P8 LED Screen Display Selection

sports led screen
960x960mm Cabinet Size
320x160mm Module Size
outdoor P10 LED screen
960x960mm Cabinet Size
320x160mm Module Size

Rugged Outdoor LED Screen Wall Cabinet Design

Enhanced Endurance:

P8 LED Screen Display Cabinets are constructed with exceptional durability, fortified to resist severe outdoor conditions. They come with comprehensive weatherproofing capabilities to combat rain and dust, ensuring performance remains consistent regardless of the elements.

Efficient Cooling:

The cabinets are integrated with a sophisticated cooling system that maintains optimal temperatures, thereby guaranteeing continuous, stable operation.

Secure Locking:

Robust locking mechanisms ensure safety and stability once installed, vital for outdoor venues where safety is paramount.

Mastering Visual Impact of P8 LED Screen Wall

high brightness

Optimal Brightness for Maximum Impact

The P8 LED screen panel shines with exceptional brightness, ensuring that images and messages are visible even in direct sunlight. This luminance is key in outdoor settings, capturing the attention of audiences near and far.

High refresh rate

Ultra-High Refresh Rate for Seamless Display

With a staggering 3840Hz refresh rate, the P8 LED video wall screen Wall provides ultra-smooth imagery. This high refresh rate eliminates motion blur and flickering, presenting viewers with seamless, uninterrupted content perfect for high-energy events and dynamic advertisements.

wide viewing angle

Expansive Viewing for Inclusive Engagement

The P8 LED Screen Wall boasts wide viewing angles of 160° horizontally and 140° vertically, guaranteeing crisp, clear content from multiple vantage points. With a viewing range of 10-150 meters, it ensures an immersive experience, perfect for large-scale public venues and outdoor events.

Tailored Versatility for Outdoor P8 LED Displays

P8 LED Screen Cabinets are engineered for supreme adaptability, ensuring exceptional performance across diverse outdoor applications. Their robust build is ideal as led display billboards, withstanding the elements to deliver uninterrupted visibility. This versatility extends to various event settings, providing reliable operation from bustling outdoor concerts to sports events in changing climates. Advanced weatherproofing guarantees consistent, top-tier performance in any environment.


P8 LED Screen application

Versatile Installation Mode

• Bracket Mounting:

Employing metal brackets, this installation technique affixes LED panels firmly to walls or solid structures, enabling straightforward alignment and maintenance access.

• Suspended Mounting:

Utilizing cables or rods, this method allows LED panels to hang overhead, perfect for expansive outdoor venues.

• Pole Mounting:

A popular choice for outdoor advertising, this approach involves attaching panels to upright poles for heightened visibility.

• Inset Installation:

For a sleek, seamless look, panels are integrated directly into wall surfaces, commonly seen in permanent retail and commercial environments.


Model No. TP-P2.976(Indoor) TP-P2.976(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch 2.976mm 2.976mm
Led Source SMD2020 SMD3535
Physical Density 112896pixel/㎡ 112896pixel/㎡
Brightness 800-1200nits 2500-3500nits
Panel Resolution 168*336pixel 168*336pixel
Cabinet Weight 12.8kg/28.2Ib
Cabinet Size 500mm×1000mm 500mm×1000mm
19.7″×39.4″ 19.7″×39.4″
Cabinet Material Die-casting aluminium Die-casting aluminium
Max Power Consumption ≦800w/㎡
Ave Power Consumption ≦400w/㎡
Power Supply Spec 5A/40A 5A/40A
Refresh Rate 1920HZ/3840HZ
Gray Scale 14-16bit
IP Rating IP30 IP65
Max Stacking/Hanging 10m/10m
Lifetime 50,000 hrs
Viewing Angle H:160º V:140º

Streamlined Control Method

Harness sophisticated control over your P8 outdoor LED display with computer-operated systems enabling both synchronous and asynchronous playback. This dual-mode functionality provides comprehensive flexibility in managing your display content.

How to Install P8 LED Displays?

TOP DANCE offers thorough installation guides, complete with professional videos and detailed manuals, for a streamlined setup of P8 LED Displays.

Packing of P8 LED Screen

TOP DANCE’s P8 LED Screen Walls are shipped in stylish, lightweight flight cases designed for superior protection. These cases are waterproof, shockproof, and moisture-resistant, with strong sealing and oxidation resistance. They are durable, offering enhanced collision and external force resistance, and have a longer lifespan than standard boxes. The robust construction of the cases ensures a high weight-bearing capacity.

Why Choose TOP DANCE?

Unmatched Industry Experience:
As a top led screen manufacturer. TOP DANCE boasts over a decade of proficiency with 11 years in LED screen production, ensuring top-tier products.

State-of-the-Art Testing Grounds:
Our extensive 1000 square meter testing facility is dedicated to stringent quality assurance processes.

TOP DANCE LA Warehouse:
Strategically located in Los Angeles for efficient, rapid delivery, and cost-saving purchasing.

Solid Three-Year Warranty:
We offer a robust 3-year warranty, providing customers with a guarantee of reliability and trust.

24/7 Dedicated Support:
Our always-available online after-sales team is on hand to provide continuous support and assistance.