Led Co2 Gun

  • Cool Appearance
  • Portable Design
  • High Brightness Led
  • Wide Application Field
  • Comfortable Handle Design
This CO2 gun will change color while spraying a large amount of CO2 gas to create the exciting atmosphere of the stages or events, and its appearance will change from red, green and blue. With this cool machine, any stage or event will no longer be boring and full of atmosphere.

Product Advantages

  • Cool Appearance:

Simple and cool appearance, super attractive and eye-catching at parties and events.

  • Portable Design:

This stage carbon dioxide gun is portable, which can spray freely and create better and more exciting effects for the stage, bringing more surprising experience and better interact with the audiences or guests.

  • High Brightness Led Light Source:

Four Led light sources are set to effectively ensure the brightness. High quality Led light source, better promising a full color, longer service life, and better atmosphere and visual effect.

  • Wide Application Field:

The Co2 spray gun is widely popular among many different entertainment performers and event promoters, and is suitable for parties, concerts, stages, clubs, and bars.

  • Comfortable Handle Design:

The machine can produce strong effect, and the comfortable handle design can better hold and control the injection direction.

  • Convenient Control Method:

With the intelligent DMX system of the cold spark machine, you can use a remote controller to achieve one-time convenient control.


Jet Distance 6m
Weight 3.2kg
Size 500x240x60mm
Use consumables Co2 gas
Control Manual ( not need power)
Height pressure pipe length 5M
Voltage AC110V-120V,60Hz, AC220V-240V 50Hz

Product Description

Professional Design:

Solid metal interface:

When the machine is working, it will be subjected to a high pressure, and the interface of metal is designed for the safety use.

Comfortable handle design:

With the comfortable and special handle design,which is conducive to setting the spraying height and direction and better controlling the coverage range of the co2 spraying.

Various Color Modes:

It can be adjusted according to different colors and is easy to carry and operate. It has a color changing tube which changes from red, green, yellow, pink, white and blue while is shooting out the CO2 Gas Party Special Effect.

Spray Height:

The co2 gun can create strong and high CO2 effects, which can spray up to 20-30 feet. (6-10meters). To present a wonderful scene, push the atmosphere to the climax and bring an amazing effects to the audiences.

Various Color Modes:

It can be adjusted according to different colors and is easy to carry and operate. It has a color changing tube which changes from red, green, yellow, pink, white and blue while is shooting out the CO2 Gas Party Special Effect.

Easy operation:

It is easy to carry on and operate. Each co2 gun needs a carbon dioxide tank. After connecting the carbon dioxide tank, just hold the handle and press the start button, and it can spray out the gas. The gas emitted is carbon dioxide, and its safe.

Super Cool Effects:

This Led Co2 party gun is one of the most popular and hot selling stage effects machine with latest and coolest effects. It has a color change system, which can change the color when using it at a party with its special effects

Application Fields

It is applicable to many occasions, including dj events, concerts, various types of shows, parties, Discos, events, performance stages, clubs, bars etc.



We use carton as the product packaging. A traditional method for Co2 Gun packing, which is both practical and beautiful.


one piece of Co2 Gun in one flight case


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Qualification certificate:

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