3D 360 Camera Booth

  • Take Photos from Every Angle
  • Easy to Set up and Transport
  • Capacity 4-6 Guests
  • 3 years Warranty
3D 360 camera booth, also known as 360 photo booth or 360 video booth, is a revolutionary event effects device that combines dazzling effects, advanced technology, and a highly entertaining 360-degree slow-motion capture feature, aiming to create high-definition fun for your events. It captures every exciting moment and ignites social networks. With a simple installation process and powerful capabilities, it is suitable for various types of events, allowing you to offer more dynamic and engaging event designs.

Advantages of 3D 360 Camera Booth

360 Rotating Photo Booth

The 360 photobooth offers automatic 360-degree rotation, capturing your stylish poses and attire from all angles. It adds excitement to events, providing equipment for photography during entry or throughout the event.

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Impressive 3D Design

The iron plate features an incredibly cool 3D infinite effect, creating a visual illusion to generate a stronger visual impact and appeal, ensuring that guests notice this product at first glance. Enhanced light brightness and dynamic interchanging of colors further add to its vibrancy.
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Ease of Use

This product is incredibly user-friendly, making both installation and operation exceptionally simple. It’s designed with user-friendliness in mind. Remote Controlled for easy and straightforward operation.
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Amazing Photographing Experience

The photos and videos captured through the 360 photobooth are incredibly engaging, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees with their abundant sense of fun. The resulting photos and videos can also ignite social media networks, standing out brightly and uniquely.


Diamter: 1m
Height: 1.2m
Flight Case size: 105.5*113.5*24cm
Gross weight: 91 kgs
Net Weight: 66.5kgs
Materials: Sheet Metal + Tempered Glass

Product Description of 3D 360 Camera Booth

Strong Material for Safty Use

The bottom plate utilizes tempered glass as its surface, ensuring enhanced durability for safe usage and an extended lifespan. Even with frequent use, it’s less prone to cracking or damage. The use of sheet metal as the support material adds further durability, reducing the risk of deformation or damage.

LED Lights with Amazing Brightness

We carefully choose the best lighting for 360 photo booth. The exceptional brightness and dynamic colors produced by the LED lights within the booth play a significant role in establishing a breathtaking and influential ambiance, elevating the entire environment. The extraordinary luminosity transforms the entire venue into a mesmerizing space.
3D 360 Camera Booth Effect

Great Load Capacity

With a one-meter diameter span, it offers a larger capacity, accommodating 4-6 guests using at the same time. With increased weight-bearing capacity, it provides a better and more secure user experience,eliminating the accidents and damages of jumping or collision.
Great Load Capacity

Customization Service

We offer logo custom services, allowing your personalized or company logo to be printed on the bottom plate. This exclusive customization service aims to provide you with a more satisfying experience and service.
Customization Service

Easy to Control

This enables a simpler control method, allowing you to easily adjust the rotation speed and lighting effects at will through remote control. This opens up more possibilities for meeting guests’ photography or video taking needs and to better present their outfits or poses.
Easy to Control

Safe to Use

A more professional and advanced structural design ensures better load-bearing capacity, while the choice of superior materials results in a longer lifespan and increased durability. This ensures safety during usage.

Support Multiple Device

It supports various types of connection methods, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. This facilitates a more convenient device selection for better image quality, catering to different venues and conditions.

Application Fields

With an incredibly wide range of applications, the 360 photobooth can serve as a selfie 360 booth, 360 video booth, and is highly suitable for various events such as various parties, weddings, DJ performances, celebratory occasions, red carpet events, concerts, live shows, and more.

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3D 360 Camera Booth Applicable occasions


To ensure enhanced protection and prevent damage during transportation, TOP DANCE employs robust and durable flight cases for packaging the 3D 360 camera booth. This sturdier packaging ensures an extended lifespan for the product.

3D 360 Camera Booth Accessories

Why Buy 360 Camera Booth from TOP DANCE?

Advance Technology

We provide best 360 video photo booth for sale, utilizing advanced technology and higher-quality materials, coupled with a design tailored to practical usage needs, resulting in better overall usability.

Professional Tech Support

24/7 online service, professional technical support, and a dedicated after-sales team patiently answer any questions you may have.

Top Quality Products

The quality inspection team rigorously oversees every step of the process. This leads to achieving better usability and ensuring safety and durability throughout the 360 camera booth for sale.

12 Months Warranty

Our 360 photobooth comes with a 3-years warranty period, ensuring a better and more secure experience if you buy 360 photo booth from us. We provide technical support and after-sales service during the period.


1. Can the photobooth be branded with our event theme?

Yes, we offer custom logo services to give your 360 photobooth a personalized and exclusive presentation.

2. What’s the setup space required for the photobooth?

Various types of party venues, celebratory events, red carpet occasions, and weddings can all benefit from installing a 360 photobooth to enhance guest engagement. The specific placement within the venue should be determined based on the venue layout and event flow.

3. Is the photobooth easy to set up and operate?

The installation and operation of the 360 photobooth are very straightforward. We provide detailed instructional guides, allowing even beginners to complete the setup quickly. Additionally, the control methods are quick and convenient with remote.

4. Can I share the photos on social media?

Yes, definitely. Taking pictures or videos by social 360 photbooth is now a trend on social media.