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Elevate your venue and event setting with premium LED disco dance floors. Benefit from striking effects, rapid setup and reliable quality to simplify your event planning.

Disco Dance Floor

Disco dance floors are are a top choice event planning companies and the event rental industry, widely used in parties, DJ events, etc. They are also popular fixtures in many nightclubs and bars.

TOP DANCE disco dance floors, equipped with industry leading technology and designed, surpass traditional disco floors in quality, offering the widest range of effects and featuring simplified installation and control methods.

Since 2013, TOP DANCE has been committed to creating the industry’s top wireless dance floors, becoming the most popular LED dance floor manufacturer in the industry.

TOP DANCE Disco Dance Floor

3D LED Dance Floor TP-877 (2)

3D LED Dance Floor

  • Super Cool 3D Infinity Effect
  • User-friendly & Fast installation 
  • Event-ready remote adaptation
  • Convenient Wireless Control
Frosted & Mirror LED Dance Floor TP-877A (2)

Frosted and Mirror LED Dance Floor TP-877A

  • Frosted or mirror tile for selection
  • Quick and steadfast installations
  • Remote, DMX, computer control
  • Great Load capacity, up to 600 kgv
Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876 (2)

Interactive Dance Floor

  • Fast-respond interactive effects
  • Magnetic connection, one-second set up
  • Saturated RGB Colors
  • Wireless Remote Control

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    1. What Is Disco Dance Floor?

    Disco dance floors, also known as LED dance floors or illuminated dance floors, are decorative and entertaining surfaces widely used in nightclubs, weddings, various types of parties, and other entertainment venues. They provide a space for guests to dance on while also upgrading the venue’s decor and enhancing the lighting effects. The distinctive feature of disco dance floors is their LED-lit surfaces, which can change colors and patterns in sync with the music, creating dazzling visual effects and a dynamic atmosphere.

    Moreover, disco dance floors often boast easy installation and dismantling, rendering them an optimal choice for a variety of event venues.

    2. Why Disco Dance Floor Is Worth Investment?

    If you own a nightclub or bar and want to attract more patrons by turning your venue into the pinnacle of entertainment, making the setting more upscale to appeal to high-end clients seeking the ultimate experience, or if you are a wedding or party planning business looking to draw in more customers, consider using a disco dance floor. It will infuse your events with vibrancy and make them unforgettable—because your venue deserves to be the highlight of any celebration.

    2.1 Enhanced Atmosphere and Experience

    Disco dance floors, featured with vibrant and colorful RGB LED lights range and patterns, greatly enhance the ambiance of any event. Cultivating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere, turning mundane spaces into lively party venues. This feature is especially attractive for venues hosting weddings, parties, and social gatherings, where the ambiance and environment are key factors in the event’s success.

    2.2 Increased Attraction and Retention

    Events equipped with disco dance floors have enhanced visual appeal and improve customer experiences, which can boost the visibility of your event planning brand and increase repeat business from clients.

    2.3 Increased Revenue

    If you owned a venue such as a nightclub or bar, installing a disco dance floor can attract more traffic and repeat customers, thus increasing your revenue. A disco dance floor enhances interactive experience, creating a more engaging space for your customers.

    2.4 High Adaptability and Versatility

    Modern disco dance floors are highly adaptable, featuring LED lights that can change colors and patterns to suit different event styles and activities. This versatility makes them suitable for a range of occasions, from formal events to casual parties.

    3. What Is the Standard Size of Disco Dance Floor?

    Common sizes for disco dance floors include 10×10 ft, 12×12 ft, 14×14 ft, 16×16 ft, 20×20 ft, 24×24 ft, 26×26 ft, and 30×30 ft, with the largest size available up to 40×40 ft. These sizes can accommodate various scales of events and different application needs.

    Size Capacity Event Scale
    10x10 ft dance floor 10-20 people 60 guests
    12x12 ft dance floor 30-40 people 100 guests
    15x15 ft dance floor 50-60 people 150 guests
    16x16 ft dance floor 60-80 people 180 guests
    18x18 ft dance floor 70-80 people 200 guests
    20x20 ft dance floor 100-120 people 250 guests
    24x24 ft dance floor more than 120 people 400 guests

    4.Where Can You Use the Disco Dance Floor?

    Disco dance floors are the top choice for event planning companies and the event rental industry, commonly used to create a lively party atmosphere with their vibrant, interactive light displays at various occasions.

    Common Occasions and Events for Disco Dance Floors:
    – Parties
    – Weddings
    – Corporate events
    – Nightclubs and bars
    – DJ events

    5.How to Master Disco Dance Floor?

    5.1 How to Install Disco Dance Floor?

    The traditional installation method for disco dance floors is quite different from the latest techniques. Traditionally, disco dance floors were installed by connecting cables to transmit power and control signals, a method that is relatively stable but time-consuming. Assembling a 20×20 ft dance floor could take over an hour.

    However, the latest installation technology has greatly improved. Compared to traditional methods, modern magnetic connection technology is about 3 times faster because the dance floor tiles simply splicing with each other magnetically, and assembly takes only a one second. Installing a 20×20 ft magnetic disco dance floor now takes just 15 minutes.

    TOP DANCE features the latest battery magnetic technology, achieving the world’s first and only completely wireless installation. This technology allows for a fully wireless setup without the need for a single wire, includes built-in battery with over 12 hours of extended battery life, and offers convenient charging with an flight case.

    5.2 How to Control Disco Dance Floor?

    Traditional disco dance floors most commonly used DMX or computer control, which often lacked flexibility and convenience in some venues, requiring additional wiring and wasting time. The latest disco dance floors have evolved to wireless control methods, allowing for remote control, and some can even be controlled via tablet.

    5.3 How to Maintain Disco Dance Floor?

    Maintaining disco dance floors has become increasingly simple, although this depends on the structural design of the disco dance floor you purchase.

    For models with wires or certain magnetic disco dance floors, if the main board is inside and needs to be replaced due to a fault, you must disassemble the entire dance floor tile, including the glass top, LED strips, and other components, to remove the main board. This maintenance can be relatively costly, requiring specialized operations and tools, and may even take a significant amount of time.

    However, TOP DANCE has considered the concerns of its customers and made improvements to the dance floor tiles’ design to facilitate future maintenance. The main board or magnetic strips can now be easily replaced using just a few simple screws, significantly simplifying maintenance and reducing costs.