295w Moving Head Beam Light

  • Creative Lighting Effects
  • Energy Conservation
  • Brilliant Brightness
  • Long-range Illumination
Effects of beam light
The 295W moving head beam light utilizes highly focused beams of light to accurately project onto specific areas or targets. This enhances subject prominence and increases focus effects, making it well-suited for various types of stage performances and event lighting needs. It captures the audience or guests’ attention effectively, and its beam width and color are adjustable, allowing for better adaptation to different scene requirements

Advantages of 295w Moving Head Beam Light

Strong Adaptability to Various Venues

The 295W moving head beam light offers enhanced adaptability to various venues or performance setting. By adjusting the angle of the beam or employing different color patterns, it achieves superior illumination effects tailored to different lighting requirements.
moving head beam light

Leading Design

From the selection of chips and coated lenses design, ensuring that this 295W moving head beam light achieves unparalleled effects is due to the expertise and excellence of the designers mentioned above. We incorporate intricate advanced technology into every aspect of the product.

Enhanced Durability

By selecting superior light sources and optimizing lighting performance, not only can higher brightness be achieved, but also a more enduring lifespan. With a lifespan of up to 2000 hours, it achieves usage of higher standards and greater efficiency.

Diverse Effects Presentation

17 fixed patterns, dither, atomizing effect, 7 color effect, double prism rotation effect, 9 glass patterns—diverse effects transitions are used to create distinct and exceptional presentation designs. This adapts to different scenes and layout requirements.
moving head beam light effects


Voltage AC100-240V, 50 / 60HZ
 Power 450W
Lamp 295W
Color wheel 14 colors + blank, rainbow + atomizer effect
Pattern wheel 9 fixed patterns + 5 glass patterns
Prism 1 8 prism
Prism 2 8+16+24 prism
Optics 2pcs coated lenses
Dimming 0% ~ 100% linear dimming
Stroboscopic 0-10 times / second
Horizontal scanning 540 °
Vertical scanning 280 °
Control mode DMX512,self-propelled.master-slave,manual
Channel 16 channels
Protection grade IP20
Carton size 44cm * 41cm * 57cm

Product Size

This 295W moving head beam light features compact dimensions of 33*32*57cm, with a lightweight net weight of only 15.8kgs. With such a mini beam light size, it reduces the manpower and resources needed for installation or transportation, saving costs and achieving quicker and more convenient installation. It also provides greater ease of storage.
moving head beam light size

Superior Design of 295w Moving Head Beam Light

Qualified Coated Lens

Advanced 2 pieces of coated lenses can better minimize refraction, achieve improved color accuracy, and provide superior fog resistance. This prevents moisture accumulation in humid or cold environments, ensuring optimal presentation effects.
moving head beam light lens

Proficient IC Chip

TOP DANCE is equipped with a more advanced IC chip that enables energy-saving and efficiency optimization. This ensures that the beam light minimizes energy consumption while achieving its lighting effects. Additionally, with such a professional chip, it can precisely control various parameters of the beam light, such as brightness, color, and modes, delivering enhanced accuracy and performance.

Three-phase Motor

A high-quality three-phase motor, which is superior quiet and can better sustain continuous operation, achieve improved balance of power distribution, and be more suitable for high-frequency or prolonged usage. This motor can also reduce vibrations, decrease maintenance frequency, and enhance operational efficiency.

Flexible Rotation

The enhanced flexibility in rotation with 540 °horizontal scanning and 280 °vertical scanning that allows for multi-directional illumination, enabling dynamic lighting effects through the agile rotation of the beam light. This adds liveliness to performances and accentuates dynamic changes. Moreover, it facilitates better control over the stage, ensuring accurate and precise illumination within designated areas.
rotating angle

Spectacular and Notable Effects

Variety of Diverse Patterns

TOP DANCE’s 295 beam light can achieve a wide variety of pattern effects, including 9 fixed patterns and5 glass patterns, projecting a diverse range of abstract patterns that enhance the visual impact for viewers. This creates an enhanced viewing experience and visual allure, resulting in captivating visual attraction.

Engaging Light Effects

With high-quality light sources, superior brightness is achieved, enabling precise focusing that directs light to specific areas, presenting sharpy beam light, creating intense visual concentration. It also facilitates a play of lights, as the beam light’s rays can interplay with other lighting sources, resulting in an interlacing of light and shadow effects.

Vibrant Color Effects

The light beam also boasts vivid colors, offering 14 different hues and blank. The colors are vibrant and brilliant, enabling the creation of a diverse and splendid array and rainbow colors of scene effects that are full of vibrancy and variety.


By further optimizing and innovating the rotating effect of the double prism, it’s possible to achieve an incredibly dazzling and visually stunning pattern presentation. This extended design of the double prism not only generates more variations and distortions during the light projection process but also creates even more splendid and colorful pattern displays on the projection surface.

Suitable for Various of Application

The 295W moving head light is well-suited for a wide range of events, including live performances such as concerts, gigs, music festivals, DJ events. It is widely us as dj lights beam or beam lights for stage, as well as various other occasions like parties, weddings, and celebrations. It’s also frequently favored for illuminating nightclubs, bars, and banquet halls, enhancing visual appeal and adding to the ambiance of the venue.

How to Control the 295w Moving Head Beam Light?

Using DMX512 control with 16 channels allows for simple and efficient management, enabling seamless effect switching and timely presentation. And it can also be control by self-propelled, master-slave, manual.
DMX control


Using flight cases as a packaging method creates optimal storage conditions for the 295W moving head beam light, ensuring effective protection against dust, moisture, and impact. With a wheeled design, it facilitates convenient transportation. Each flight case can accommodate two beam lights.

Why Choose TOP DANCE?

TOP DANCE has over a decade of manufacturing experience, ensuring superior product quality to guarantee your utmost satisfaction with your purchase. We support pickup from our overseas warehouses in LA and Belgium, reducing buying costs and shortening shipping times. Our 24/7 online communication service addresses your pre-sale and after-sale inquiries, providing the most satisfactory solutions and offering post-purchase technical support.


1. What should be considered when it comes to maintaining and caring for beam lights?

Regularly performing maintenance and cleaning on beam lights is crucial. It’s important to conduct routine checks on the bulbs and components to ensure their proper functioning, as well as to verify the correct operation of connections and heat dissipation.

2.How to obtain pre-sale and after-sale technical support?

You can reach us through the website’s WhatsApp or online chat. Feel free to inquire about any technical questions related to beam lights.

3. How long is the warranty period you provide?

Beam lights of TOP DANCE come with an extended warranty period of one year.

4. Can I get better price?

Sure,as a professional manufacturer, we’re sure to provide the favorable price for you.