1.What Is Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?

The Battery Magnetic Dance Floor is the latest product developed by TOP Dance, known for its combination of easy installation, wireless control, rich effects and strong battery run time. It has received high praise from customers due to its high-level technology and wonderful performance.
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1.1 Compared to Other Wireless Dance Floors, in Which Aspects Has the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Evolved?

The Battery Magnetic Dance Floor simplifies the interlocking process by utilizing the magnetic attraction between the dance floor tiles, eliminating the need for alignment and additional interlocking mechanisms.

It doesn’t require power connections through wired edges, as the internal batteries within the dance floor tiles provide direct power, resulting in a fully wireless experience.

1.2 What Benefits Can the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Bring?

1.2.1 Increased Revenue: Expand your business scope and increase your revenue

1.2.2.Improve efficiency: Minimize your installation time and labor costs

1.2.3. Enhance Experience: Attract guests immediately more than others event equipment. Rapidly enhances customers’ user experience and attracts more potential clients.

1.2.4. Super simple maintenance method, no need to worry about later use

1.2.5.Flexibility: Flexible installation and versatile venue usage, multiple effect presentations, enabling seamless adaptation to different venue and event themes.

2.What Are the Advantages of Using the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?

Multiple Styles to Choose

TOP DANCE offers two styles of dance floor tile to choose. TP-B877 Battery 3D Mirror Magnet LED Dance Floor offers a cool 3D effect, while TP-B878 Battery Magnet Digital LED Dance Floor provides a neatly arranged led pixel floor surface.
Both options deliver unparalleled visual effects. And you can choose between black and white dance floor panel colors as you desire.

Various Effects for Selection

It offers a wide range of dance floor effects for selecting. With our text effect, you can display any desired text on the illuminated flooring, conveying your message in a visually engaging way. The vibrant dance floor patterns come to life on the dance floor, for attention capturing. The starlit effect effect creates a romantic atmosphere, with scattered starlights illuminating the dance floor during your dance segment.

If you want to energize your venue and event, the 3D effect will bring passion and excitement, complemented by vivid colors and seamless patterns, creating a magnificent dance floor experience. The rgb colour changing injects vitality into your illuminated dance floor, making a burst of colorful energy.

Superior Load-Bearing Capacity

Battery Magnetic Dance Floor provides a significantly stronger load-bearing capacity to address your safety concerns. We have used 10mm tempered glass with enhanced durability, which can withstand frequent stomping and pressure. Whether it’s a crowd of people dancing on it or high heels scraping and stepping, our best dance flooring can handle it without any worries.
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Super Long-lasting Battery Run Time

As a Battery Magnetic Dance Floor, it is worth mentioning that this dance floor has been continuously improved by our technical team. It offers an impressive continuous usage time of 12 hours, ensuring it can handle nearly any event without interruption, even requires 4 hours to fully charge.

It also features a convenient function to address unexpected situations. If you forget to charge the dance floor before an event, just switch the edges to the wired edges and connect it to a power supply. This allows you to maintain normal operation without interruptions, ensuring a seamless experience.

Safety: Anti-Reverse and Short-Circuit Protection Design

The exclusive anti-reverse and short-circuit protection design is in place to ensure safer charging and usage. A specific design and adjustments has conducted to prevent circuit malfunctions and damage to the entire dance floor set, even in cases of incorrect charging or connection by the customers. This design feature provides added safety and peace of mind during operation.
battery magnetic dance floor flight case

Flight Case Packing

Each flight case can accommodate 8 led floor mat, providing a larger storage capacity and reducing the number of transportation trips, making work more efficient.

The compact and sturdy design of the flight case includes collision-resistant features, helping to avoid impacts during transportation and providing better protection for the dance floor inside the flight case.

TOP DANCE has specifically designed flight cases that come with charging functionality. This means that the flight case serves not only as a storage container but also as a charging station for the dance floor. This convenience makes the flight case an all-in-one solution for storage and charging, greatly enhancing its practicality.

3.Application Fields

The Battery Magnetic Dance Floor is suitable for almost all types of events and highly welcomed by event rental companies. It is well-suited for lively and festive parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, coming-of-age ceremonies, as well as more formal events such as weddings, engagement ceremonies, corporate events, and anniversary celebrations. It is also ideal for exhibitions, fashion shows, and car shows, where it serves as a captivating and attention-grabbing decorative element.
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4.How to Install the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?

Installing the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor can be completed through a very simple process. Following the provided instructions, you need to take out the corresponding number of dance floor tiles and accessories based on the desired installation size. Place and connect the dance floor tiles in the designated area of the venue.

The entire installation process requires no wiring as the built-in battery provides sufficient power to illuminate the dance floor tiles without the need for an external power source. The wireless installation process makes it extremely convenient.

5.How to Operate the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?

The control system allows for seamless effect transitions, which can be controlled either through remote control or a tablet. With no delays, the dance floor provides a smooth experience when switching between effects.

6.How to Maintain the Battery Magnetic Dance Floor?

It does not require specialized technical personnel or excessive maintenance costs, making it easy to maintain without any difficulties.

The dance floor’s battery, mainboard, and magnets can be easily replaced and maintained. As the dance floor may experience some wear and tear over time, if any of these components get damaged and require replacement, it can be done through simple steps such as unscrewing a few screws and replace with the new one. There is no need for specialized technical personnel to perform maintenance. This saves you valuable maintenance time and cost.

7.Professional Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Manufacturing

Mature Experience

With over 10 years of production experience, advanced manufacturing technology, and stringent craftsmanship and technical standards, we ensure the extreme professionalism of dance floor production and create refined LED dance floors of the highest quality.

Production line

High-quality Products

Careful selection of high-quality raw materials

Product quality inspection at every stage

Dedicated testing area for final product inspection

Ensuring that every dance floor tiles that delivered to customers is of the highest quality.

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Better Service

Most professional sales team to provide more favorable and professional dance floor solution

24 hours after sales service to offer technical support

Picking Up at LA Warehouse to save the cost and shorten the delivery time

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